Crafts Insightful Profiles by Analyzing Social Feeds

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Profiler is a Free Google Chrome Extension that integrates into Twitter (X) and Reddit that leverages the power of AI to craft an insightful analysis of a person based on their tweets or posts.

The tool is often able to deduct these characteristics based on a person's tweets or reddit posts/comments:
- Interests in life
- Profession
- Sentiment analysis of the person's interactions
- Political leanings
- Psychological traits
- Person's gender
- Religion
- Country/origin/ethinicity
- Behavior patterns


How it works?

  1. Install the Extension: Add Profiler to your Chrome browser with a single click.
  2. Choose a Profile: Navigate to any Twitter or Reddit profile you wish to analyze.
  3. Get Insights: Click on the "AI Profiler" button to extract and analyze the profile’s posts and tweets.
  4. View the Analysis: Explore comprehensive insights about the user’s interests, views, and more.
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Profiler: AI Profile Analyzer - Get Fascinating Insights on People from their X/Reddit Feed | Product Hunt